Trace Pathways Farms‚Äč

Educational Pathways with Interactive Mazes

Horse Power Pathway: Discover the evolution of power/transportation
on the farm from horsepower to solar power. Examine how the moving
parts work and travel through the log maze. (*K-6)

Haystack Pathway: Interact with farm animals, horses, wildlife, the
petting zoo and tackle the large hay maze. (*K-6)

Scarecrow Pathway: Listen to the story of the scarecrow, discover its
history, make your own scarecrow and weave through the grass maze

Hayride Pathway: Take a hayride farm tour; learn about plants, wild
life and scientific research connected to a working farm and walk the cow
path trail.(*K-6)

Healthy Me-Popcorn Pathway: Gather around the country store,
learn the connection between healthy living and agriculture and enjoy
other fun farm activities. (*K-6)

Some activities may vary based on the date of your reservation.

Activities are*Common Core aligned